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  • Anshul Friedman-Jha

Tell The Truth

A “complete and total exoneration.” That’s what Donald Trump is calling the Mueller Report, the conclusion of a two-year investigation into Donald Trump’s election campaign that is said to partially point in the direction of Russian interference. The only problem is that the majority of people in the country right now have no idea if that’s close to what it says. We have been told, by Attorney General William Barr, that there is no evidence that Donald Trump is guilty of colluding with Russia and that no definitive conclusion was made on whether or not Trump obstructed justice during his presidency so far. However, while the full Mueller Report is around 400 pages long, the summary of that report, written by William Barr and submitted to Congress, is only 4 pages. Right now it’s hard to tell what can be believed, and if the full report is not released, things might not get any different. It’s understandable to say the report has to be redacted to protect national security and keep certain things from general public, but it is altogether unacceptable to say that the public doesn’t deserve to see the report. We have lived for more than two years with the fear that a foreign government, a hostile government, interfered with and still may potentially have control over our own. That another nation, one which constantly suppresses democracy and individual freedoms, has corrupted our democracy and our freedoms as well. Donald Trump can’t get away with more lies by saying a 4-page summary clears him of all suspicion and guilt. That’s for the public to decide. The government is of the people, by the people, and for the people. Not just one man.

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