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Who Are We?

The Point is an established student magazine that focuses on giving students an outlet to showcase their thoughts and opinions on real-world issues. We currently have two sections: Current Events, where we publish articles and essays in which writers provide their own commentary on pressing issues of our generation, and The Wall, where writers/artists submit creative works centered around a monthly theme. Unlike school or other student publications, we welcome works centered around controversial topics; we strive to allow The Point to be a diverse space where people from all backgrounds can simultaneously express and have their opinions challenged.


We are actively recruiting writers, artists, and new members for our outreach/recruitment team, if you are interested please email us at or DM us on our Instagram @thepointnews_.

Why We Started

The Point was started by a series of questions - why do the writings of adults matter more than teens? Why do people listen to the opinions of adults, and not teenagers? Why do students not have an outlet where they can express themselves by writing? The Point was created in order to remedy these problems and bring about a change that lets teenagers express their ideas to a willing party of peers. From the very beginning, we wanted to establish a space that’s primarily made for students, by students.

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