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the wall

The Wall is the creative section of The Point where student writers and artists use their mediums to articulate their ideas and opinions centering around monthly themes. We are dedicated to giving the youth a voice by empowering them to use the arts for self-expression and advocacy.

theme of the month

July 2023: Disability Pride Month

On July 26th, 1990, the Americans with Disabilities Act was passed, prohibiting discrimination on the basis of disability in all aspects of public life. In honor of this landmark legislation, Disability Pride Month is celebrated every July as an occasion for the community and its allies to celebrate the rich and vast history, experiences, struggles, and achievements of disabled people in America. This month we invited our writers to broaden their perspectives by exploring the vast spectrum of disability and the often-overlooked intersecting identities of those in the community.

Francis' Dream
Ceri Kang

Francis' Dream- Ceri Kang-1.jpg
Francis' Dream- Ceri Kang-2.jpg

Light's Salvation?
Samie park

Light's Salvation_- Samie Park.png

My Wings
 Allison Choi 

My Wings- Allison Choi.jpg

Check out some of the old pieces from previous years!

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