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The Wall is the creative section of The Point where student writers and artists use their mediums to articulate their ideas and opinions centering around monthly themes. We are dedicated to giving the youth a voice by empowering them to use the arts for self-expression and advocacy.

theme of the month

January 2022: anew

Happy New Year! With the welcomed arrival of 2023, many see it as a chance to start anew, to reflect and attempt control over what lies ahead. Whether it’s simply a chance to celebrate making it through another year with loved ones, or an opportunity to channel and manifest your resolutions with a clean slate, January 1st continues to be a marker of hope and persistence. We invited our writers to show us what this transition means to them and what they anticipate for the next 365 days!

fortune cookies
sia han

Fortune Cookies- Sia Han

eunice kim

Flood by Eunice Kim.jpg

Check out some of the old pieces from previous years!

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