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december 2022: joy

Raw Feelings
ceri kang

raw feelings- Ceri Kang_00001.jpg
raw feelings- Ceri Kang_00002.jpg
raw feelings- Ceri Kang_00003.jpg

self preservation sia han

Self-Preservation- Sia Han_00001.jpg
Self-Preservation- Sia Han_00002.jpg

message for you, father 
allison choi

A Message For You, Father- Allison Choi_00001.jpg
A Message For You, Father- Allison Choi_00002.jpg

November 2022: fear

A Beautiful Detriment by Allison Choi

A Beautiful Detriment by Allison Choi

Five Teenagers by Ceri Kang

Five Teenagers by Ceri Kang

october 2022:
childhood memories

Childhood Ignorance- Sia Han

Childhood Ignorance- Sia Han

When I Was 5 by Ceri Kang

When I Was 5 by Ceri Kang

Memories in Song - Jonathan Shen

Memories in Song - Jonathan Shen

Neighbors by Kelly Kim

Neighbors by Kelly Kim

Movie Hug- Eunice Kim

Movie Hug- Eunice Kim

Playground- Malvina Chen

Playground- Malvina Chen

Playground- Malvina Chen

Playground- Malvina Chen

Playground- Malvina Chen

Playground- Malvina Chen

Red Swings- Katie B

Red Swings- Katie B

july 2022: equality

Girlhood- Sia Han
Born by Kelly Kim
Equity vs Equality- Jonathan Shen
Down Syndrome Equality by Ceri Kang
We Love Doritos- Dev Mitra
“Changing Your World” for the Worse- Ara Kim

This meme is a reference to the start of the U.S, with European pioneers bringing irreversible change to the indigenous people. The changes negatively affected Native American civilizations, not only bringing deadly diseases but stealing their land, resources, and forever disrupting their way of life. In short, this piece points out the fundamental inequality that the U.S was built on.

Panda by Emma Nguyen

I loved this exhibit. There was a 15 minute line to see the “pandas”. Turns out, it was one panda, sitting right in the middle of the exhibit, munching on bamboo. I had a good laugh taking these photos because it seemed like this panda wanted the attention.

The Chimpanzee Family by Emma Nguyen

This is personally one of my favorite photos. This shows two adult chimpanzees (gender unknown, although I know one of them is a female) and one young chimpanzee. After this photo was taken, the trio walked around the enclosure and the little one went off to hang around in the fake trees.

Jaguar by Emma Nguyen

Over Mid-Winter break, I went to the San Francisco Zoo and took pictures with my camera. This one is of the jaguar they have there. He was pacing around a lot, and at one point, jumped up onto the fence. This pacing behavior, although has been scientifically shown to be detrimental, gave me the perfect opportunity to take a photo. The intense glare shows the power big cats have, but the gate also shows how humans are trapping these animals into these confined spaces

Hippo by Emma Nguyen

I wasn’t trying to capture this photo, but I ended up hitting the shutter button by accident and caught this photo. After editing it to balance the light, I ended up with this. I really like this photo too, because you can’t really see the glass between me and the hippo. Many people think hippos are big and scary, but in reality, they’re essentially water cows. The exhibit was a mother and her calf swimming around, slowly but surely.

Ocean Love by Emily Offermann

In this piece I was trying to depict the belief of undying love for someone and how there are multiple definitions of love

Purple by Emily Offermann

This is another experimentation with creature design but it is one of my favorites. I love the composition of this one and the relationship between creature and diver

Aqua by Emily Offermann

Something I have always loved is the ocean and all the stories it must hold. This piece was trying to depict a creature that maybe only the ocean knows about(sorry photo is upside down)

Alone by Emily Offermann

This piece I was experimenting with color and black and white to see if I could create something that popped out. I ultimately created a creature who is beautiful, but completely alone.

Soul by Emily Offermann

This is one of my favorite pieces. I drew a character similar to myself and a creature I can only describe as a product of my imagination. When making this I remembered how I loved the odd unloved animals that other people thought were weird. To me they were intriguing and I loved to watch them in nature. I hope to show people here just because something is different that doesn’t mean it is bad

Friendship by Emily Offermann

This piece I actually made for my best friend of 9 years, to show our creative imaginations that were the foundation of our friendship. I drew here a creature similar to the ones we would make stories up about when we were little

Happy Place by Emily Offermann

In this piece I tried to create my ideal happy place, a beautiful surreal greenhouse deep in the woods. Unlike my other pieces that are done in copic marker, this one is done in watercolor

Old Friend by Emily Offermann

Many people are afraid of what they don’t understand, and one of the best things about children is their innocence and ability to connect with someone/something despite the way it looks. I tried to capture this by depicting a dark creature coming out of the night to give a teenage girl a flower to show it was friendly.

Greenhouse by Emily Offermann

This piece was mainly about capturing a safe place, with two of my favorite things: animals and space. Both fascinate me and inspire me in multiple ways so I tried to convey them together in one piece

Playing Koi by Emily Offermann

Here I have a similar character set to mountain range, but in this piece the girl is struck by pain represented by the dark character behind her. I tried to convey that although we may have everything we might need, a person can still feeling terribly alone.

Mountain Range by Emily Offermann

In this piece I tried to create characters with a similar disposition to dogs and how a dog will protect its owner, in this case a teenage girl. From the expression on her face I was trying to allude to an oncoming danger

Violet by Emily Offermann

I was inspired to do a piece all in one color scheme. In this piece and most of my others, I explore the complexities of a child’s imagination. In this piece I tried to capture a surreal dream like experience a child might have, which is why I choose the color violet. I felt it would the piece an extra element to it to portray the emotion I was trying to capture.

Screen Shot 2019-06-29 at 2.19.55 AM

Since I was young, I have collected marbles. The color and the simplicity of those small glass spheres always excited me. I wanted to show that even the smallest things can be something beautiful

Screen Shot 2019-06-29 at 2.19.05 AM

I photographed a view of Rockefeller Plaza, and when I saw how complex and interesting the image was, I decided to challenge myself by rendering it in pencil. Achieving the depth and detail required focus and patience.

Screen Shot 2019-06-29 at 2.18.14 AM

Our lives have become too absorbed with what we need to do and where we need to go. Because of this, none of us can really stop appreciate the art in the things that we all take for granted. This is the view between the seats in a train that I ride weekly. I had never really noticed it until took time to really look, and then realized that it was a beautiful composition.

One Step At A Time

I was walking by the Apple store and was attracted to the geometric set-up of the staircase. I ran in and took a couple of photos. I decided to draw the images in graphite because I found it would bring out of the depth in the picture more prominently.

Screen Shot 2019-06-25 at 9.43.09 PM

I was drawn to this arrangement because of the different textures in the still-life. The metal from the bicycle and the soft fabric from the cloth were challenging factors that worked nicely together to form an interesting composition.

Protector by Emily Offermann

This piece was again trying to capture the innocence of a child. In this and many other of my pieces I include space because it is such a mystery. I do this to also show that sometimes the most beautiful things in life we simply don’t understand

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