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Mistreatment in Detention Centers

What is happening in detention centers?

In various migrant detention centers throughout the US, the living conditions for detained, undocumented, immigrant children are causing a national outcry. These children are subject to inhumane living conditions, as they are separated from their parents among other family members. Quotes from children detained at the Mexico-US border show the conditions that these children have to live in and endure every day. Sick children are being denied access to doctors, enough food is not given to children, and there is a lack of basic necessities such as toothpaste or soap. Although children are only supposed to be in these detention facilities for no more than 72 hours, detained kids find themselves in a detention center for days and even weeks at a time.

In a detention center in Clint, Texas, 300 children had to be moved out because of how appalling the conditions were at the facility. In May of 2019, a 16-year old boy who was held in a detention center died from an infection in US custody. As of July, 7 children have died under the Trump administration. These 7 children and the countless others that are suffering the horrifying conditions in detention centers at this very moment need help.

What can I do?

We, as US citizens, have the power to make the decisions that could be life or death for these migrant children. Speak out for the voices that cannot be heard, and take action to bring about change in detention centers. Here is what you can do to help.

Share. Share what you know with family members, friends, your community. Write a letter to your local newspaper or share the facts on social media. This can spread awareness and bring attention to this issue.

Donate. Provide legal help to immigrant children by donating to RAICES, KIND, or The Florence Project.

Stay informed. Knowing the facts helps you become an educated individual. Be aware of the human rights violations that are happening; watch the news, do your own research.

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