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Impact of fashion trends in society

All year, every year, society has trends that teens are desperate to stay up to date with. Whether it’s the new meme that appears on every social media platform or simply ever-changing fashion trends, these temporary movements have major roles in society. Fashion trends, in particular, are a significant contributor. Most of these trends derive from celebrities in the fields of music, art, and many more. Trends are described as topics that are the subject of many posts on a social media website or application within a short period of time. Fashion trends are no exception, as they continue to change over time with people constantly obsessing over new trends and trashing the outdated ones. What people don’t realize is how considerable the impacts these fashion trends have on society are. Whether it be first impressions of people to the effect it has on business markets, fashionable clothing takes the teen world by storm.

Usually started by a celebrity donning a new piece of clothing, fashion trends spread speedily and vastly. Teens especially believe fashion is what certifies them as trendy and up to date. In today’s society, teens take great consideration into how they are perceived by others. They wear flashy clothing and accessories in order to fit into the “norm”, as well as look down on others who cannot afford the same pricy apparel. As stated in the article, Teen Body Image Issues and the Impact They Have on Teens, “sometimes teens can be ostracized for not wearing what everyone else is wearing—or for trying too hard to copy a peer they admire.” Appearance hugely influences our first impressions of others. When meeting someone for the first time, we often base our judgments on his/her appearance, including clothes. By simply flaunting the newest shirt or the trendiest watch, we can influence how people view us. As unjust as it seems, it is how society was developed and there is no way out of it. Physical appearance is a vital factor to first impressions. Additionally, fashion trends impact the economy as well. With teens being pushed to buy the newest trending styles of clothing, these trends truly control the market. Brands will be likely to follow the styles to attract more customers as well. The iron grip that fashion has on our society and economy is unshakable.  

Growing up, I specifically had a great interest in the fashion industry. I’d come to realize that the pattern of trends has been moving in a cycle since forever. For example, back in the 1980s, fanny packs had been a trend. After dying down for a while, it has re-appeared once again in today’s world with a renewed vigor. Everywhere I go, there would always be teens wearing the recently hyped pair of shoes or hoodie. At first, when I was new to the fashion field, I had envied people for owning these fashionable articles of clothing. But after a while, that envy changed to nothing more than mere acknowledgment. People with limited edition shirts could be hateful and distasteful, while others with cheaper clothing could be considerate and amiable. I came to realize that the pieces of clothing someone had did not determine their character. The clothing that someone wears does not determine their personality for them. Judging people solely by their apparel is unjustifiable, and needs to be rectified.

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