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How Effective are Instagram Charity Campaigns?

Updated: Nov 16, 2019

If you have been on Instagram for the past couple of months, you must have noticed the sudden events on the news that have made their way to the stories of countless users. From the massacres in Sudan, to the passing of abortion laws, people have not kept quiet of the recent events. From changing their profile pictures to blue to raise awareness, or reposting effective commentary, people think that they are doing the best they can to contribute. But really, how effective are these campaigns?

Many posts have been floating around with big promises to help the world if they get likes or reposts. For example, “for every 10 likes, one tree will be planted”, “for every follow and repost, one meal will be given to a person in need”. While a lot of these have accounts have great intentions, some do not. Some accounts are thirsty for clout, and will do anything to get more followers or likes on their posts for fame. Many of these “charity accounts” have been deemed as fake. If they are planning to things that seem almost too good to be true without making a profit, people feel nervous and suspicious of these accounts. People feel wary of effectiveness of such campaigns. Will liking this post really help a starving kid with a meal? If I hit follow, will this account actually benefit? In most cases, the answer depends. Maybe the account is a cat fish, so all of your “effective methods” are ineffective.

As society progresses, we tend to become less serious about important things. For example, many people in our generation do not care that the Earth is slowly plunging into despair, as our actions to the environment will soon become irreplaceable after a few years. Some people have stepped up to help by introducing metal straws to help prevent ocean debris that plastic straws would cause, and saving the marine animals, specifically the turtles. However, people seem to be advertising these metal straws on Instagram with a lack of seriousness, and are often joking around in their videos. It honestly seems like these people do not really care that the planet is at risk, and are more focused on getting laughs rather than actually trying to help save the world that they live in.

The human population needs to understand the importance of such critical issues, and do more than just like an Instagram post and share. Money needs to be donated and people need to step up and take real action- action that does not involve Instagram. Yes, sharing such campaigns are better than nothing, but we have so much more potential to help save the world and the people living in it. We should not be news reporters and just constantly share the same bit of information, we should try to help others by hosting real live campaigns, with big scale donations, and serious product advertisements. We can do more than what Instagram allows us to do.

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