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Anti-Prom (Is it Really Worth It?)

As AP exams are rolling around the corner, many kids are stressed and are constantly studying for the countless exams. Upperclassmen not only have an abundance of AP exams in many cases, but an event tailored just for them- prom. The movies make it seem as if prom is a magical evening-sparkling dresses, limousines, tuxedos, flowers- everything to make a perfect night. Everyone marvels over the promposals, whether they be funny, sentimental, or creative. However, most people will agree that the prom experience is not what it seems. It’s not magical, more or less just a big sum of money. There are also students who feel the need to attend prom for the sole purpose of feeling including.

It is obvious that the majority of people in high school have FOMO- meaning the fear of missing out. Many teenagers feel compelled to attend a party or an event because everyone else is going, and they want to be included in the social media posts-the videos on snapchat memories, the Instagram posts, everything.

They force themselves to dress up and spend their night doing something they would rather not be doing. Prom is one of the biggest instances of including teenagers who have FOMO. At the end of the day, prom is seen as one of the biggest nights of a high school life. We are supposed to look back on those days as one of the best day of our lives, one which made countless, and great memories. While many see this night as a great one, others do not, and would rather not spend hundreds of dollars on this event.

Prom also depends on the school and students. Is the school willing to pay a grand sum of money to host prom at an expensive hall? Or are they going to host prom in their cafeteria? The students also play a part. Are they filled with spirit and want to have fun on their prom night? Or are they just students with FOMO, and would rather be home chilling on the couch?

Prom also seems to be a business rather than a simple event. Many teens spend hundreds of dollars on a dress or a suit. Corsages and boutonnieres are a supposed necessity for prom- and they cost a fortune for just being a little bunch of flowers. The tickets are insanely priced-many racking up to more than fifty dollars! Prom is an expensive shopping trip, and it only lasts one night.

There is also a pressure for students to have a date when attending prom. Even those who are not in a relationship feel the need to ask their friends as a date, or even get into a relationship just to have a prom date. However, there is no need to go to prom with a date. It is known that many teenagers have equal, even more, fun with a group of friends.

So, in the end, prom should not be seen as mandatory. It is not necessary for you to go to prom, and you should never force yourself to attend prom, or anything, if you do not wish to.

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