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A Look at Quarantine in Florida

While in quarantine, people throughout America are all going through different experiences. Here's a look into a student's quarantine experience living in Florida.

What are your opinions on quarantine and this situation?

I believe self-isolation is the best way to protect ourselves and to prevent the spread of this disease. It is incredibly inconvenient to put the world on pause but everyone should follow orders for a quicker return to normal.

How have you been affected? (Relationships, school, etc)

March 13, 2020 was the last day of my junior year. I am still learning online through Google Meets, but it is not the same as physical interaction. Many of my exams have been canceled or altered, which caused both distress and relief to teachers and students. I also miss going out to eat and talking to my friends in person. I wish I had a chance to say goodbye to my senior friends. I had to stop volunteering at the local hospital for my own safety.

Do you know anyone who has been affected either directly or indirectly?

I have elderly family members who live in China, but they have been doing okay. Although it has been a scary time for them, they followed orders and stayed inside.

A local nurse and mother of a 3-year-old died from the virus. She was only 33 and was not given proper protective equipment such as face masks. When she felt she was getting better, she passed away in her sleep.

There has been a rise in anti-Asian hate crimes against the Asian community, and while I have not been physically or verbally attacked by someone, one of my friends heard an insensitive remark made by her classmate, who said “All Chinese people are gross”. This was surprising to hear, especially at my friend’s very accepting arts school. She and another student made a video on the growing racism against Asian Americans, which is now featured on the New York Times. (

On social media I have seen many “jokes” such as “Asians will eat any live thing” and people commenting “coronavirus” and the bat emoji under the posts of Asian social media stars. Luckily, I have seen people of different colors stand up for Asians.

How are you spending your days at home?

I have been enjoying my free time by catching up on Netflix shows and playing relaxing video games. I taught myself the basics of a computer coding language and read books that I never had the time to read before the quarantine. Because the roads are empty, I practiced my driving skills.

How do you feel about online learning? (Is it more or less work? Has your routine been adjusted or has it decreased your energy?)

Online learning is a reasonable substitute, but I feel like I am not learning as much. My teachers can only hold online lessons 4 days a week and every live meeting has a maximum time of 35 minutes. They communicate to us through a screen which makes their directions confusing and hard to follow. There does seem to be more work, but the work does not require a lot of critical thinking and seems to be there just to keep us busy.

My routine has made me feel less energized. I am still required to wake up at the time online school starts, but my body feels depleted by the lack of urgency to move and get work done.

How are people around you behaving? (Are they following social distancing, do they seem anxious, concerned, indifferent, etc).

The people around me are starting to break the rules of social distancing. Some people are meeting up with friends at the beach or at each other’s house. Many people miss school and seeing friends.

High school seniors are disappointed that they will not be having a graduation. The juniors are worried about their college admissions and testing.

As an only child I mostly feel indifferent, but I am jealous of people who have a large family to keep things interesting or at least a sibling their age to talk to.

Has anything stayed the same?

Supermarkets like Publix are still open, my friends who work there have to continue to work despite the influx of consumers. My friends and I video call each other as usual. I still browse my favorite social media apps and keep up with the news.

Is there anything else you would like us to know?

The people who are protesting for their state to open back up are arguing for their personal convenience; their convenience to enjoy the beach, get a haircut, eat in a public place, etc. They do not care for the people who will cut their hair and serve them food. This country may be facing an economic depression in the near future, but we must deal with a pandemic first. Everyone is having a difficult time, some more than others. In a time of crisis, the true colors of people are revealed.

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