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  • Giselle Makani

2020 Election Outcome

The results are in! The victor of the 2020 presidential election has just been proclaimed, and while it may please the majority of Americans, there are still over 70 million others who disagree with the results. What does this mean for America? Will it remain divided? Although many Americans are thankful that Joe Biden will be taking over as president, others have contended that the outcome may have been rigged, or have argued that Biden is incapable of leading the country. Despite the controversy that arose with his victory, Joe Biden has invited all former Trump supporters to unite with the country and finally rejoice as the United States of America, the land of the free, prompting some to give in and accept the results of the election.

On the contrary, the majority of Trump-supporting Americans are claiming that the election was filled with voter fraud, and many illegal votes were counted in the election, demanding a recount. President Donald Trump reportedly sent out a statement declaring that he will take legal action to ensure the legitimacy of the election results. Those who are counting the ballots have by far faced the most criticism for counting the ballots too slowly or inaccurately. While there is no evidence that there has been meddling in the outcome of the election, it does not stop others from citing this as a reason to invalidate the results. The Republicans backing Trump have also sent around a couple of videos depicting an unidentified man throwing out a piece of paper thought to either be a ballot in support of the President or a set of instructions for counting the ballots, but the investigation has not yet been concluded.

The idea that voter fraud played a role in the election has caused millions of Americans to doubt their country, deepening the divide between certain people and states. Moreover, the disproven claim that Joe Biden has dementia and is unable or incompetent to run the country had reinforced the flawed theory that Democrats are using him as their “puppet.” According to the Chicago Tribune, “Joe Biden will be a puppet for the far left, and a gift to our overseas enemies and domestic terrorists.” Unfortunately, this widely accepted idea is one of the few reasons why Republicans are not willing to give Joe Biden a chance at the presidency,

Despite the craziness surrounding the election, it will forever be engraved in history. Kamala Harris, Biden’s Vice President, made history by becoming the first woman, the first Black person, and the first Asian-American person to be elected as Vice President. Not to mention Cori Bush, a former medic and Black Lives Matter activist, became the first Black woman to represent Missouri in Congress. David Andahl, a former North Dakota businessman, was running as a Republican candidate for the state’s House when he died after a battle with COVID-19 last month, yet he was elected into the house following his death. Also, Sarah McBride was elected to be the first openly transgender state Senator in U.S. history after winning her election in Delaware. The diversity in government has undoubtedly shown American inclusivity, regardless of the positive and possible negative consequences of the election.

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