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We are often told that we should be perfectly happy with how we are and we should  not change. We are raised under the impression that being fake is wrong and we should be ourselves in front of others. However, we soon realize that being fake is necessary and it allows manipulative people to succeed.

Society often has standards that people are expected to follow and uphold. From how one should act to their word choice while speaking, there are always standards that people are judged by. People inevitably start to put up fronts as they attempt to follow these unspoken rules of society. This eventually fosters fake people within society who would do anything to protect their image.

Some types of facades are necessary, including that of  employees not talking back to their bosses to maintain their jobs. Or students who resist the urge to talk back to teachers so they won’t get into trouble.

We have all lied and acted unlike our true selves in certain situations to benefit ourselves. The problem arises when we start doing this too much. People who act fake too often believe they are doing this for their own benefit. They believe doing this will lead to a successful future and they will be able to fake their way through this. Although they eventually lose sight of who they really are, this might be the only way to fit into society as is.

The most common example of putting up fronts are fake friends who backstab others after using them to their benefit. Or kids who try to be different from themselves to fit into the “popular crowd”. Although backstabbing people may sound unethical, it is effective and benefits people who do this.

This is probably to only answer to society’s standards as the only way to succeed is to adjust ourselves to fit our situations. Even though this might be controversial to some, the most successful people in life are those who are fake and have pretended to be someone they are not in order to succeed.

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