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8 Reasons to be Happy For When You’re Feeling Down

Let’s face it, you’re probably stressed about school, worried about something, or have been sad about something in the past few days. But hey, let’s look at the 8 positive things in the world that can hopefully put a smile on your lovely face(trust me there are more than 8 reasons).

1. So many people, so much time.

  • There are SO many people around you. If you feel that you do not have many friends, it is completely okay! There so many people to befriend, to create memories with, to laugh with, and to have fun. And of course, we are all not in risk of being forever alone. Many high schoolers, and even adults are worried that they won’t find “the one” and are destined to be alone for the rest of their lives as a cat lady or bachelor living on TV dinners. Fear not my friends, we all have a chance for love. Just give it time - it’ll come when you least expect it.

2. Most things in life are temporary.

  • Unless it’s an inked tattoo (which can be, painfully, removed), you are not going to be scrutinized forever for that one math quiz, or that one time you embarrassed yourself in front of your crush. So don’t stress! Everything happens for a reason, and life has a plan for you.

3. Music!!

  • If you haven’t been on YouTube or Spotify recently, you may be unaware, but the music industry is BOOMING. Artists are constantly spitting out new songs, and there will definitely be at least one song that can make your day. Another great thing about music is that music will never leave. Listen to a song from 4 years ago that made your summer amazing. Chances are, it’ll still make you happy.

4. Babies and Animals(and baby animals)

  • Have you been on Instagram lately. If you’re a dog lover or sick with baby fever, you should scour Instagram for some good pet or baby compilations. They’re guaranteed to make your heart happy.

5. Memes

  • They’re funny, that’s all I can say. Now go look at some for a good laugh. Also, you should check out funny Vine compilations(rest in paradise Vine). If you do, you are most definitely in for a treat.

6. Nature.

  • Mother Nature is doing her job beautifully recently. Look outside, the ground is healthy, you’ve probably been granted with a couple of snow days and delays. And although a winter wonderland is always a great aesthetic, nothing is temporary(see number two).

7. Opportunity is everywhere.

  • No matter what, almost all of us have the ability to do whatever we want with our lives. So follow your passions and chase your dreams. Haven’t found the thing that motivates you and makes you happy? Well, start searching.

8. You’re you.

  • You have the life that you were given with your mind and your values. No one can take your life away, it’s yours to keep. And you have an entire one ahead of you. So get out there, the whole world is there for you to explore and create a life for yourselves.


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