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2024 Art Events To Look For

From chill-inducing fashion spectacles to an exciting roster of music shows, 2024 already shows remarkable promise for the art world. The upcoming year is brimming with captivating art exhibitions, fashion events, and electrifying concerts -- here's a snapshot of the most thrilling art events to anticipate in the coming year. 

What’s Happened So Far:

Maison Margiela Artisanal Collection 2024

John Galliano’s spring 2024 collection for Maison Margiela is one that has transcended history, offsetting the recent trend of minimalism and quiet tackiness with a dramatic runway show that captivated viewers with its emotional intensity.  The haute couture collection, infused with lunar and doll inspirations, showcased mesmerizing organza, tweed, and flowing silhouettes against the enchanting backdrop of a moonlit Parisian night. Core to the collection are the corset influences woven throughout, creating sharp lines and striking human proportions. However, it was the finale featuring models in an image of broken porcelain dolls that truly stole the spotlight, making waves across the internet for Galliano's innovative visions and the artistry of renowned makeup artist Pat McGrath. 

Singapore Art Week

From January 19th to 28th 2024, Singapore hosted its largest celebration of visual arts, featuring over 150 events. The festival showcased a variety of presentations from Singaporean and internationally renowned artists, encompassing captivating light installations, performance art, and physical exhibitions. 

The Golden Globes 

The Golden Globes, an annual award event celebrating both American and international films, honors actors and film artists for their contributions to cinema. This year's ceremony took place on January 7, 2024, with noteworthy films such as Oppenheimer and Barbie taking home trophies with the worldwide buzz they caused during their releases. 


Fashion Weeks 

Fashion weeks are prestigious events held in major cities globally, where designers unveil their latest collections and fashion icons seize the moment to set trends, influencing the direction of the fashion industry for the upcoming year. The four most prominent Fashion Weeks take place in New York, London, Milan, and Paris, attracting buyers, celebrities, top models, designers, and the public eye. These events serve as platforms for creativity and innovation, shaping the visions of fashion and style on a global scale. 

The four weeks will take place on the following dates:

  • New York Fashion Week: February 9 - February 14 

  • London Fashion Week: February 16 - February 20 

  • Milan Fashion Week: February 20 - February 26

  • Paris Fashion Week: February 26 - March 5 

Art Exhibitions 

Art exhibitions are perennial events, promising a diverse array of captivating pieces no matter the year. Among the myriad of art fairs and shows scheduled for 2024 are the most remarkable: 

February 3 - May 19 2024: “Harold Cohen: AARON” at Whitney Museum of American Art

Showcasing pieces made by AARON, an AI software for artmaking and the longest existing contemporary art project -- examining the historical foundations of AI art and its growing role in artmaking today.

February 25 - July 28 2024: “Showcasing the Harlem Renaissance” at the Metropolitan Museum of Art

March 8 - September 22 2024: “Crafting Modernity: Design in Latin America, 1940 – 1980” at the Museum of Modern Art

April 20 - November 24 2024: La Biennale di Venezia - Italy

One of the oldest and most renowned art exhibitions, held in Venice, Italy and featuring a curation of contemporary art from all over the world.

June 13 - June 16 2024: Art Basel 2024

One of the leading art fairs of the world -- an annual, privately owned international art fair taking place in Basel, Switzerland; Miami Beach; Hong Kong; and Paris, France.

August 19 2024 - World Photography Day - New York City

Photography exhibitions at Fotografiska, the Contemporary Museum of Photography, Art & Culture.

Until September 7, 2024: Yayoi Kusama: Infinite Love - San Francisco

Japanese artist Yayoi Kusama explores the concept of the ‘infinity room’ - incorporating signature bold colors, multi-dimensional forms, and optical illusions. 

November 2024 - January 2025: AMNH's Origami Holiday Tree

The American Museum of Natural History is renowned for its tradition of setting up a spectacular origami holiday tree every year, with volunteers crafting origami pieces related to the theme of every season. Be on the lookout for 2024's!

Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival: April 12-14 and 19-21 2024 - California 

Coachella is arguably the most influential music festival worldwide, shaping pop culture and its trends every year as influencers and music lovers gather in the Colorado Desert to partake in the ultimate festival experience. Known for its fusion of music, fashion, and art, Coachella draws attendees from all around the globe. 

In this year's upcoming Coachella, icon Lana Del Rey is set to return as a headliner along with Tyler, the Creator, and Doja Cat - promising an electrifying lineup spanning various genres and performances. 

The Met Gala: May 6 2024 - New York City

The Met Gala stands as one of the most highly-anticipated annual celebrity events in pop culture, sparking worldwide excitement, controversy, and appreciation with each iteration. This year's theme is titled Sleeping Beauties: Reawakening Fashion, taking place on May 6, 2024. The Metropolitan Museum will showcase approximately 250 items from its Costume Institute's permanent collection, organized around three themes: Land, Sea, and Sky. Curators have revealed that the central aim of this year's exhibit is to present these pieces alongside innovative AI technology. This approach seeks to reawaken the essence of historical clothing that can no longer be worn due its delicacy; the exhibition aims to breathe new life into these garments, offering the public an immersive experience blending the past and present. 

Cannes Film Festival: May 14 - 25 2024 - France

The 77th International Cannes Film Festival serves as a rendezvous in the city of Cannes for those celebrating the art and influence of cinema. This prestigious festival offers attendees the opportunity to view previews of films spanning all genres from around the world. Renowned for its glamorous red carpet, statement fashion pieces, and film screenings, Cannes is a gathering place for filmmakers, actors, industry professionals, and cinephiles alike.

The Oscars: March 10 2024 - Los Angeles 

The Oscars, also known as the Academy Awards, stand as one of the film world's most prestigious events, honoring the best in film and all aspects of the industry. Hollywood's brightest stars, filmmakers, and professionals will be gathered for a night of glamour and celebration - continuing to showcase the artistry and innovation of cinema. 

Milan Design Week: April 15 - 21 2024 - Italy 

Milan Design Week stands as the largest design fair globally, held annually in the vibrant city of Milan. The event showcases a diverse range of creative works, from furniture to contemporary sculpture. This year's theme is 'Materia Natura', emphasizing the exploration of how 'matter' and 'nature' are connected - encouraging a deeper examination of thoughtful design and sustainability. 

In the year 2024, the world of art is set to dazzle audiences with a diverse array of captivating shows and events, offering inspiration and innovation on a global scale. From iconic festivals like Coachella to unique exhibitions like the AMNH’s Origami Tree, there is something for every type of art enthusiast to look forward to.  What's particularly notable about this year's lineup is the overarching themes that are driving many of these events. As public opinion continues to give more attention to urgent issues like fast fashion and environmental degradation, the art world is responding with a renewed emphasis on sustainability, promising to push the boundaries of artistic expression while inspiring positive change. This dual focus on artistry and sustainability promises to make 2024 a year of unparalleled creativity and immersion, celebrating art while also taking steps toward healing our planet.  

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