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Virtual Concerts: Second Installment

Updated: May 5, 2020

Stay connected and entertained with these virtual concerts! April 29th to May 5th:

APRIL 29th

The Roots: The Roots, best known as the house band on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, is an American jazz/hip-hop band. Watch The Roots’ solo sessions and one-song performances at 6 pm EST on The Roots’ YouTube channel. 

Pandora: Carly Pearce, American country music singer and songwriter, will host a Q&A session and wine tasting. You can watch it live on the Pandora Instagram account at 5 pm EST.

iHeartRadio: Kick off the first segment of the iHeartRadio eight-week Living Room Concert Series. Join Thomas Rett on the iHeartRadio YouTube channel at 7 pm EST.

Atlanta Community Food Bank: Watch Offset partner with Young Thug, Rich the Kid, and SAINt JHN to put on a performance in support of the Atlanta Community Food Bank. Watch the live performance here at 7 pm EST.

Tones and I: Watch Tones and I, an upcoming Australian singer and songwriter best known for her single “Dance Monkey,” perform live. You can watch it on the Tones And I YouTube channel at 10 pm EST.

APRIL 30th

Norah Jones: Norah Jones, Billboard’s top jazz artist of the last decade and nine-time Grammy award winner, will host a live stream on her Facebook page at 5 pm EST.

Rock the House for Animals: Join Rob Thomas, Chris Daughtry, and Gavin DeGraw for musical performances, interviews, and special appearances! This event will support the Humane Society of the United States and the Sidewalk Angels Foundation. You can watch it here. The pre-show will start at 7 pm, while the official concert will begin at 8 pm EST.

MAY 1st

Call to Unite: Join Oprah Winfrey, Julia Roberts, Rob Lowe and more celebrities for a 24-hour live stream event. More than 200 entertainers will offer lessons, performances, and conversations. Watch it here at 8 pm EST.

Dreamworld: This online music festival features artists such as Bonnie X Clyde and Alvyn. It will be streaming live from May 1st- May 3rd on Twitch, but you need to RSVP at the Dreamworld website.

Fitz and The Tantrums: Fitz and The Tantrums, an American indie pop and soul band, will be going live on the KS95 Instagram page at 8 pm EST.

MAY 4th

New York Guitar Festival: Rosanne Cash and John Leventhal will kick off a series of daily performances beginning on May 4th at 4 pm EST. This event will last until May 15th and can be viewed on the New York Guitar YouTube channel. 

MAY 5th

iHeartLatino: Join popular Latin music stars like J Balvin, Gloria Estefan, and more for a virtual Cinco de Mayo concert. You can watch on all of iHeartLatino’s social media platforms.

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