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True Happiness

Updated: Dec 30, 2018

We all strive to be successful in life. The term success has several different meanings to many people. Some may refer to it as having loads of money and others describe it as just having a family. In the world we live in, a proper education is given at a very young age. It helps us gain knowledge of the world and determines what our future may hold. High school and college prepares us for our jobs and what we’ll do in our adult life. Through all this people work thinking that money will bring them true contentment. They go through years of hard work and perseverance in college so that they can find a well paid profession. This however may not exactly bring them genuine happiness.

Why don’t people realize that solely having money won’t bring them full contentment? This is because in life money controls almost everything. It determines how big of a house we live in and the type of car we have. It controls almost all materialistic items in life. What people don’t realize is that these materialistic items are not capable of bringing true contentment. The article, “The 3 Reasons Money Brings Satisfaction But Not Happiness” mentions how money may only give us temporary satisfaction rather then long term happiness. Along with this, it explains how constant everyday working limits people to take part in activities that they may enjoy. This restricts the people to miss out on adventurous opportunities that they might have put in their bucket list. Opportunities that have potential of giving them a life with genuine contentment. But this realization is not so obvious to many people.

Growing up with a well off family, I always carelessly spent my money on useless things. From toys when I was a kid to now clothes, I would always find a way to spend all my money. The reason being they gave me satisfaction. Having the new toy and the new clothing had gave me temporary happiness. Eventually I realized that these materialistic items weren’t supplying me true content. Although it had made me excited at the moment, I eventually got tired of the items and had lost interest from them. Yes, even today I still spend my money carelessly on things that I do not necessarily need, but it’s my personal interest that gives me satisfaction. On the long run, the only source for true contentment may include things we cannot buy. One prime example includes the relationships we have with family and friends. Money cannot buy genuine friendship and relationships. With this in mind we shouldn’t live our life solely focusing on making money. Despite a stable income being a crucial factor to living a comfortable life, people should realize that true contentment derives from a variety of factors that money is not able to acquire.

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