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How to Stay Fit During Quarantine

For the first 6-7 weeks of quarantine, I have done absolutely no exercise. Being a three sport athlete, it was very strange not to have practice everyday for two hours. A couple days ago, I decided to make use of my home gym and hopped on a treadmill only to find out that I could barely run a mile. Before quarantine, I could run a 5k without an issue and now I am out of breath after about 5 minutes, which is not a good thing. In the case that fall sports are not cancelled, I decided to start training and getting in shape for swim. I created a workout to increase my leg, hip, and core strength.

Here is my workout routine:

I like to use a treadmill for the leg workouts but if you don't have one, just find a space or you can do this outside. If you do have a treadmill, increase the incline. I put mine to the highest setting. If you don’t have a treadmill do stationary side steps and side lunges. You can also use resistance bands for the leg and hip workouts but the hip workouts are already pretty hard without

*Make sure you stretch before and after. It helps with muscle soreness and prevents injuries.

Leg Strength (Do 4 sets of these. Increase by 5 reps each set)

Side steps - 20 reps on each leg

15 seconds rest

Walking Side lunges - 20 reps on each leg

15 seconds rest

Lunges - 20 reps on each leg

15 seconds rest

Jumping squats - 15 reps

30 seconds rest then start the next set (Basically, rest for 15 second between each workout per set and rest 30 seconds between each set

Hip Strength (Do 2 sets per leg)

Note: Lay on your side and position your arms however makes you most comfortable.

Lateral leg raises - 30 seconds

15 seconds rest

Frontward hip circles - 30 seconds

15 seconds rest

Backward hip circles - 30 seconds

15 seconds rest

Lateral Knee drives - 30 seconds

30 seconds (then start next set)

Core Strength (Do 5 sets)

Sit up twist (twist to the right) - 30 seconds

no rest

Sit up twist (twist to the left) - 30 seconds

no rest

Russian Twists - 30 seconds

1 minutes rest (then start next set)

Here are some sites that give tips on how to stay healthy and in shape during quarantine:

  • This website tells you what to expect when working out of the first time in a while and ways to stay active without a home gym

  • A lot of people have not been getting much exercise during this lockdown so here is a website that gives you tips on how to start getting back in shape after being inactive.

To stay healthy overall, you have to eat healthy too!

  • This website is filled with easy, healthy, and delicious recipes that you can make at home to help maintain a healthy diet rather than eating junk food.

  • For those who are vegan, here are some recipes you can try. If you are not an amazing cook, don't worry! All of these recipes are easy to make.

What are some athletes doing to stay in shape?

Olympic swimmer Yuliya Efimova posted a video on instagram of how she is staying in shape without a pool. She went onto her kitchen counter and dangled her upper body off the side and mimicked swim strokes like she would in a pool. Later in the video, she shows a few other dryland exercises that you can do on the floor or with a yoga mat.

32-year-old marathon runner Elisha Nochomovitz recently ran a full marathon on his 23-foot balcony in dedication to the medical staff working during the pandemic. Here a link for more information on his accomplishment:

Another marathon runner Michael Ortix is attempting to run 100 100-mile races in 100 weeks. On his first attempt at running 100 miles, it took him 12 hours. He traced out a rectangular 40-foot cardboard track and ran 13,200 laps, rotating directions every mile to ease his knees from the numerous turns. He ordered a treadmill for his apartment and ran another 100 miles a couple days later. After completing his 2nd 100-mile run, he showered, ate some food, slept, and attempted to run another 100 miles the next day.

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