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 Industrial Policy Bill

Since gaining sovereign independence, the United States has continuously focused on staying ahead of other nations in technological and economic development. The United States’ number one ranking in military and economic power hasn’t come by mere chance; it is from its mass allocation of resources and federal funds towards the macro aspect of the nation in pursuit of international competition, evident in the Arms Race and Space Race with the Soviet Union decades ago and continued today with the Senate passing the bipartisan bill to counter China’s growing technological presence.


Should the WHO Have Declared Monkeypox a Global Health Emergency Sooner?

A new global scare is going on around by the name of monkeypox. The World Health Organization (WHO) initially faced backlash from some people for its timing in declaring monkeypox a global health emergency. However, before people criticize the WHO, we should decide how serious monkeypox is as a threat to public safety. 

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Brittney Griner’s Imprisonment in Russia: What Does it Mean for the United States?

The arrest of Brittney Griner in Russia shocked the world, especially the United States. The WNBA player was flying to Sheremetyevo International Airport from New York to compete during her off-season when she was charged with possessing vape cartridges containing cannabis oil.


Social Media’s Influence on Racism 

The continuous advancement of technology influences how many people perceive reality. With over half the world using social media today, it can create a virtual world of misconception and partiality. Social media has been an ongoing influence on social and political polarization concerning online racism.


Why Investments in Space Exploration are Necessary

Is space exploration worth the multi-billion dollar investments when we have yet to solve so many ongoing world problems?